Bullshitters Will Be Prosecuted, previously known as Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted, is an open collective of artists using the fly poster medium to resist the policing of public space. Initiated by curators Brenna Horrox and Hayley Gibson, BSWBP took place as a week-long collaborative project during Across RCA. Taking inspiration from the government notice ‘Bill Stickers Will Be Prosecuted’, the project unpacked how throughout history political groups have used graphics, printed matter and flyposting to cheaply disseminate their message; engaging the public and occupying space. Initial lectures also covered a range of political topics, communication strategies, and expanded on the notion of occupy and DIY methods of protest.

Working with participants in a collaborative and DIY manner to quickly turn around a set of posters, the cohort discussed their feelings about various systems and structures that aggravated them, that made them want to be heard. The posters created highlight many different issues, including property, work, capital control, lockdown politics, government guidelines, animal cruelty, and autonomy. Some offer the public a moment to reflect, to breathe or to vent. All outcomes resist a form of power, and within realising this as our main drive, we changed our collective name to Bullshitters Will Be Prosecuted - remaining attached to the initial ‘Bill Stickers’ purpose of flypostering, whilst shifting the blame to those who should be held accountable.

A significant aspect of the project was to understand the relationship of flypostering with the digital. As the medium itself relies so much on being physically present, something we were unable to do due to Covid restrictions, Export Radio were approached to discuss their process of communicating and occupying digital space. Lousie Gholam and Dougal Verinder Gedge lead a talk around their experiences of digital interventions, and how they have conducted such situations through their practices.

By the end of the project, we had collectively created over 20 posters, all stemming from our own personal and collaborative feelings of urgency. In April the posters were pasted all around London, with full walls being taken over around Shoreditch High St and Brick Lane. Images of these sites can be found on our instagram - @bullshitterswillbeprosecuted - we have a lot of plans for the future, so be sure to follow us for any updates.