Hello hello! Can you hear me?
I hear you loud and clear no worries! 👌🏼

Export Radio is opening an ANSWERING MACHINE 📞 open to the whole Visual Communication cohort!
This answering machine will act as a gatherer of voices to make a SONIC YEARBOOK for the VisCom graduates of 2021! Would you like to be part of it?
In 15 years time, would you be glad to hear your maybe-(not so)-desperate-or-enthusiastic-graduating-self? Would you be keen on listening to your (maybe past) RCA friends-colleagues talking about their grad's life? 🎧
This line is here to hear you when we're not live and will remain open until graduation in June!
We are recording your grads' life anecdotes, love messages, concerns, questions, comments, or random jokes... and archiving these vocal memories for you and with you!
These sound bites will be collated in an album that will be published by the end of the school year ❤️💽

Stay tuned for this! 👀

Send us your recordings at [email protected] with the HEADER: EXPORT'S ANSWERING MACHINE
formats accepted: wav, mp3, aiff...
submissions deadline: June 1st 2021